Marketing and Development Department

  • Formation of the fund’s strategy and goals.
  • Development of marketing programs and strategies for promoting the fund.
  • Planning collaboration to achieve results.
  • Creating a donor funnel and attracting new partners and donors.
  • Development of partnership programs and interaction with key stakeholders.
  • Create donor presentations and interact with parents and students as investors.
  • Creation and support of a website and page on social networks.

Administrative department

  • Providing administrative support to foundation offices.
  • Providing financial analysis.
  • Personnel management and organization of personnel work.
  • Legal support of the fund’s activities, including the development of contracts and legal documentation.
  • Financial management, including reporting and budget control.
  • Payment processing and tax reporting preparation.
  • Management of personnel processes, including recruitment and development of personnel.
  • Organization and control of the work of the AHD service
  • Management of internal processes, logistics and office support.

Project Department

  • Search and commercialization of scientific projects.
  • Investment and project risk management.
  • Interaction with investors and partners to implement projects.
  • Compliance with legislation and regulatory requirements in project activities.
  • Project and team management, planning, control and execution of project tasks.
  • Develop and implement project plans, including identifying goals, activities and resources.
  • Coordinating the work of the department and ensuring compliance with deadlines and quality of projects