About us


Provide financial support and development of KazNMU and its subsidiaries through investments, programs, scholarships.


Excellence, stewardship, collaboration, influence, transparency and accountability.


We contribute to the establishment of KazNMU as a state center for medical education and research, ensuring academic excellence and innovation.


  1. Attracting donor funds, investments and creating new financial opportunities for the development of the university and its subsidiaries.
  2. Ensuring stable funding for the university and its programs.
  3. Development of material base, infrastructure and equipment to ensure quality education and research activities.


  1. Attracting and retaining donors and investors, convincing them of the significance and effectiveness of our programs and initiatives.
  2. Development of financial planning and resource management strategies to ensure the financial sustainability of the fund.
  3. Establishing partnerships with organizations to diversify and expand funding sources.
  4. Implementation of financing of investment projects, incl. research and scientific-practical activities;
  5. Implementation of modernization of the material and technical base;
  6. Financing of construction, capital and current repairs of objects and/or acquisition of residential and/or non-residential, commercial and non-commercial premises in completed and unfinished real estate;
  7. Acquisition of medical and non-medical equipment, equipment and consumables for the provision of highly specialized medical, clinical care, educational and scientific activities;
  8. Providing coordination, advisory and legal assistance;
  9. Providing sponsorship and free assistance

Social responsibility and commercialization

We actively support the goal of increasing the share of products from domestic manufacturers in the pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan. Through the KAZNMU ENDOWMENT fund, we promote scientific advances in the field of medicine to increase the production and availability of Kazakhstani medical products. Our work is aimed at helping to achieve the national goal of increasing the share of domestic products in the healthcare market to 50% in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.