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Community Foundation for a Better Future!
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The first Orphan Disease Center in Central Asia

Expansion of beds and buildings

The expansion of the hospital and the opening of additional spaces for the treatment of the entire flow of patients of the Aksai Children's Hospital.

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Raising funds for the reconstruction of the technopark

A free platform for students and the foundation itself to conduct lectures, business meetings, seminars and events.

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German company OPASCA

The German company OPASCA made a proposal for cooperation and organization of joint activities with Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University on the creation of the National Oncological Network.

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Coworking center at the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

The goal is to create a modern functional space for the entire KazNMU community, where people can work, develop creatively, unite and communicate effectively.
target audience - KazNMU students, undergraduates, graduate students, teachers and university staff

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Atchabarov's laboratory

Reconstruction of the laboratory according to international standards. An opportunity for students and scientists to conduct preclinical laboratory research.

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Dental clinic on the basis of the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

Opportunity to put specialists into practice and practical assistance in student learning. Students will work on advanced dental equipment.

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Project with the German company Systamatec

The German company Systamatec made a proposal to open KazNMU named after. S.D. Asfendiyarov's modular Minilab technology platform, based on the Systamatec patent family, can be used to implement a flexible system of tools for scientific research in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biology and cosmetology.

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Chapel of KazNMU

Restoration of a cultural object of the university, which includes the restoration of architectural details and a clock mechanism.

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Support for an entrepreneur with special needs in the implementation of his own production of exercise equipment for people with impaired motor functions.

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Student support

The Foundation will support students and become an integral part of the university community, aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of students, helping them achieve their educational and career goals, as well as support in various aspects of student life.

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About the foundation

An endowment is a special financial resource that is created by the charitable foundation of the medical University. It consists of invested capital, the proceeds of which are used to support specific programs, research, scholarships and other initiatives of the university for a long time.

The principle of operation of the fund

The initial capital of the fund is invested in a variety of financial instruments to ensure a stable income stream.

Funds from donors-companies, investors, patrons are used to support specific medical programs.

There are such programs as: financing the activities of children's hospitals, creating interactive teaching classes at hospitals, scholarships for students, educational and medical initiatives, and much more.

Over time, thanks to investment and income generation, the fund's capital will grow, which allows increasing the volume of supported programs and initiatives.

The Institute can expand its research, educational programs and influence in the medical field, promoting scientific discoveries and improving healthcare.

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